Hi! I'm Riley. I build things on the internet.

I build beautiful (dare I say, stunning?) interfaces and experiences. Component Libraries? My bread and butter. Accessibility? Of course! While I'm not a designer, I enjoy working on design systems and collaborating with designers.
I can conjure standardized back-end API's and services too. I eat RESTful behavior for breakfast and strive for standards-based, modular code as a post-workout snack.
Keeping projects in check and productive via tooling and documentation is my muse. I'm talking linting, packaging, build tools, dotfiles... all the things that make projects run smoothly. And yes, I love this stuff. I know! What's wrong with me? I don't know either!
Team Mentoring
Mentoring newer developers with best practices and team skills. I got my start at a university technical department where mentoring student workers was a daily thing. Heck, my initial college major was Music Education. Teaching is just what I do.

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